RF Power Pallets

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MACOM is a leading provider of pallet amplifier solutions supporting applications such as avionics, radar, and industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM).  Pallets are easy to use building block amplifiers ready to “drop-in” to higher level assemblies.  Both standard and custom options are available to meet demanding customer requirements. We can design single or multi-stage pallets that integrate features including DC sequencing utilizing MACOM’s Power Management IC (PMIC), control/monitoring functions and output filtering to meet specific size and input/output requirements.

Part Number Description
MAPC-P1009 GaN Amplifier Pallet 50 V, 700 W 2.7 - 2.9 GHz
PHA2729-300M Module
PHA2731-190M Radar Pulsed Power Amplifier
MAPC-P1015 GaN Amplifier Pallet 50 V, 400 W 1.30 - 1.85 GHz
PHA3135-130M Pulsed Power Pallet
MAPC-P1010 GaN Amplifier Pallet 2-Stage, 50 V, 250 W 2.7 - 3.1 GHz
MAPC-P1012 GaN Amplifier Pallet, 65 V, 2 KW 1.03 - 1.09 GHz