Explore the Benefits of Our New 140 nm GaN-on-Silicon Carbide (GaN-on-SiC) Process 

Robust, reliable and ready for your most demanding applications.
MACOM is ready to offer standard products or custom design
a GaN solution specifically for your needs.

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MACOM is pleased to announce the production release of our 140 nm Gallium Nitride (GaN)-on-Silicon Carbide (SiC) MMIC process. This high-performance process technology was transferred from the Air Force Research Laboratory (ARFL) to our Trusted US foundry in Lowell, Massachusetts. We are excited to make this process available to our commercial and defense customers. The addition of this semiconductor technology to our portfolio confirms MACOM’s ongoing commitment to being a one-stop solution for high performance RF, microwave and millimeter wave systems. MACOM brings our 70+ year experience of excellence in product design, applications, and quality support to meet the power and linearity needs of the millimeter wave market

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  • High Power Density: 5.5 Watts/mm
  • Drain efficiencies > 55% @ 30GHz
  • High Linearity at low current consumption
  • Bare die and packaged parts
  • Atomic layer passivation for enhanced moisture ruggedness
  • Custom development and collaborative design                                                                                        

The MACOM GaN Advantage:

  • State of the Art Technology
  • Strong Application and Customer Support
  • 40 Year Heritage in RF and Microwave Power


Advance Gate Structure

Best in Class FET Characteristics

Highest Power Density

SEM Image
140 nm e-beam Lithography T-gate
GSIC140 Process Parameters
GSiC140 Process Parameters
GSiC140 Ka-Band Load-Pull Performance
GSiC140 Ka-Band Load-Pull Performance

New GaN MMIC Products


6 Watt, Ka-Band Power Amplifier

  • Frequency (GHz): 27-31
  • Gain (dB): 25
  • Psat (W): 6
  • PAE (%): 25

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11 Watt, Ka-Band Power Amplifier

  • Frequency (GHz): 27-31
  • Gain (dB): 25
  • Psat (W): 11
  • PAE (%): 25

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8 Watt, Ka-Band Power Amplifier

  • Frequency (GHz): 33-37
  • Gain (dB): 18
  • Psat (W): 8
  • PAE (%): 25

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6 Watt, Distributed Power Amplifier

  • Frequency (GHz): 2-18
  • Gain (dB): 26
  • Psat (W): 6
  • PAE (%): 22

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12 Watt, Ku-Band Power Amplifier

  • Frequency (GHz):13.5-16
  • Gain (dB): 27
  • Psat (W): 12
  • PAE (%): 30

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