Foundry & Design Services

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Foundry Capabilities

MACOM’s Best-in-Class III-V foundry services cover a broad range of proprietary technologies including GaAs, GaN and AlGaAs used in high performance end applications. MACOM has the capability to design, assemble and test single or multi-die solutions.‚Äč More than foundry access, the foundry service team offers dedicated customer and technical service such as technology training, design service, customer application models and more. We will help you every step of the way through the success of your project.

Customer Designs

Leverage our technologies to build your own custom designs

Joint Designs

Work with our engineers and technology experts to build a joint design

MACOM Designs

Enabled by MACOM’s design and process engineers, choose a MACOM design that fits your need

Foundry Options

Foundry Table

Services Include

Technology Training
Design Service
Application Dedicated Models Development
DIE Sorting and Picking Service
DC and RF Circuit Test
Wafer Level
Packaged Parts
MMIC and Module Packaging
Product Qualification
Failure Analysis and Reliability


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Best in Class III-V Foundry Services


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Chip Design, RF Testing, Packaging and Much More


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MACOM is Recognized with the Department of Defense Trusted Foundry Accreditation