At MACOM we offer a range of filters and diplexers for CATV and MoCA® infrastructure subscriber equipment. Typical applications include HFC amplifiers and nodes, ONTs, STBs, eMTAs, and cable modems. Our filters and diplexers are available in covered and uncovered surface mount packages as MoCA-compliant LPFs, BPFs, diplex, and triplex filters with 75 ohm characteristic impedance (all ports) with North America, Europe, and Asia split.

Part Number Description
MAFL-010464-CD0B20 CATV Diplexer 35x25mm, SMT
MAFL-010412-CL0AD0 MoCA Low Pass Filter 15x15mm
MAFL-011060 Plug-and-play vertical filter
MAFL-010101-CB0AD0 MoCA Band Pass Filter
MAFL-009906-CL0AD0 MoCA Low Pass Filter
MAFL-009593-CD0A10 CATV Diplex Filter, 55 x 16 x 6.1
MAFL-008098-CD0550 Diplex Filter
MAFL-011082 Reflection-less Low Pass Filter
MAFL-009511-CD0A10 Diplex Filter
MAFL-011024 Broadband CATV Diplexer
MAFL-009055-CD4254 Diplexer
MAFL-011053 Plug-and-play horizontal filter, 5 - 204 / 258 - 1218 MHz
MAFL-011013 Broadband CATV Diplexer
MAFL-011018 MoCA Triplex Filter
MAFL-011081 Surface Mount DOCSIS 3.1 Diplex Filter, 5-204/208 MHz
MAFLCT0083 CATV Diplex Filter
MAFL-008070-CL0AD0 MoCA Low Pass Filter
MAFL-011055 Surface Mount DOCSIS 3.1 Diplex Filter, 5 - 42 / 54 - 1218 MHz
MAFL-011057 Surface Mount DOCSIS 3.1 Diplex Filter, 5 - 85 / 102 - 1218 MHz
MAFL-007529-CD0550 CATV Diplex Filter, 30x30mm
MAFL-010256-CB0AD0 MoCA Band Pass Filter
MAFL-009217-CD0AC0 CATV Diplex Filter
MAFL-011054 Plug-and-play horizontal filter
MAFLES0102 CATV Diplex Filter
MAFL-011023 MoCA Triplex Filter
MAFL-008290-CD0AC0 Diplex Filter
MAFL-010467-CD0B20 CATV Diplexer 35x25mm, SMT
MAFL-011052 Plug-and-play horizontal filter
MAFL-011050 Plug-and-play horizontal filter, 5 - 65 / 86 - 1218 MHz
MAFL-011061 Plug-and-play vertical filter
MAFL-011078 CATV Diplex Filter 5 - 42 / 54 - 1218 MHz
MAFL-011077 CATV Diplex Filter 5 - 85 / 102 - 1218 MHz
MAFL-011015 CATV Diplex Filter
MAFL-011027 Vertical Plug-in
MAFL-011025 Broadband CATV Diplexer
MAFL-011047 Plug-and-play horizontal filter, 5 - 42 / 54 - 1218 MHz
MAFL-010609 SAT Triplexer
MAFL-011062 Plug-and-play vertical filter
MAFL-011026 MoCA Triplex Filter
MAFL-011014 CATV Diplex Filter
MAFLCT0081 Diplexer
MAFL-010639-CB0AD0 MoCA Band Pass Filter
MAFL-010670-CB0AD0 MoCA Band Pass Filter
MAFL-011051 Plug-and-play horizontal filter, 5 - 85 / 102 - 1218 MHz
MAFL-011048 Plug-and-play horizontal filter
MAFL-009272-CD0AC0 Diplexer
MAFL-009478-CD0AC0 MoCA Diplex Filter
MAFL-011059 Plug-and-play vertical filter
MAFLCT0066 Diplexer
MAFLCT0068 Diplexer
MAFL-010608 SAT Diplexer
MAFL-007988-CD0550 Diplex Filter
MAFL-011049 Plug-and-play horizontal filter, 5 - 65 / 86 - 1218 MHz
MAFL-010140-CT0C60 MoCA Triplex Filter