Silicon Bipolar

At MACOM we offer a broad range of silicon bipolar transistor products designed for applications ranging from DC to 3.5 GHz. Our silicon bipolar transistors are ideal for civil avionics, communications, networks, radar, and industrial, scientific, and medical applications. Our all-gold metallization fabrication processes ensure high performance and long term reliability for ground and space applications.

Part Number Description
PH3135-65M Radar Pulsed Power Transistor 65W, 3.1-3.5 GHz, 100µs Pulse, 10% Duty
MRF455 Bipolar
PH1214-55EL Bipolar
PH2731-5M Bipolar
MRF454 Bipolar
MRF314 Bipolar
MRF422 Bipolar
MAPR-000912-500S00 Bipolar
MRF392 Bipolar
PH1090-700B Bipolar
MAPRST1030-1KS Bipolar
2N6439 Bipolar The RF Line NPN Silicon Power Transistor 60W, 225 to 400MHz, 28V
PH2731-75L Bipolar
PH2226-50M Bipolar
MRF323 Bipolar
PH1090-175L Bipolar
PH2729-110M Bipolar
PH2729-25M Bipolar
PH1214-100EL Bipolar
MAPR-002729-170M00 Bipolar
PH2731-20M Bipolar
PH1214-12M Bipolar
MAPR-001090-350S00 Avionics Pulsed Power Transistor 350W, 1025-1150 MHz, 10µs Pulse, 1% Duty
MRF1004MB Bipolar Microwave Pulse Power Silicon NPN Transistor 4.0W (peak), 960–1215MHz
MRF313 Bipolar
PH3134-20L Bipolar
PH1090-350L Bipolar
MRF428 Bipolar
MRF421 Bipolar
PH3135-25S Bipolar
PH1090-550S Bipolar
PH2226-110M Bipolar
MRF10350 Bipolar
PH1214-25M Bipolar
MRF327 Bipolar
MRF317 Bipolar
PH3135-90S Bipolar
MAPR-001011-850S00 Avionics Pulsed Power Transistor 850W, 1025-1150 MHz, 10µs Pulse, 1% Duty
PH1214-40M Bipolar
MRF10005 Bipolar
MRF448A The RF Line NPN Silicon Power Transistor, 250 W, 30 MHz, 50 V
PH3135-20M Bipolar
PH1090-15L Bipolar
PH1214-80M Bipolar
PH3135-5M Bipolar
PH3134-55L Bipolar
MRF429 Bipolar
MRF426 Bipolar
MAPRST0912-350 Bipolar
PH1090-75L Bipolar
PH1214-110M Bipolar
MAPRST0912-50 Bipolar
MRF587 Bipolar
MRF1090MB Bipolar
PH3134-10M Bipolar
MRF321 Bipolar
PH1214-6M Bipolar
MRF10120 Bipolar
MRF316 Bipolar
PH1214-300M Bipolar
MRF393 Bipolar
MRF10031 Bipolar
PH2729-130M Bipolar
PH1214-220M Bipolar
MRF10150 Bipolar
PH1617-2 Bipolar
PH2729-65M Bipolar
MRF1150MB Bipolar
MRF448 Bipolar
PH1214-2M Bipolar
MRF10502 Bipolar
MRF1000MB Bipolar