Voltage Variable Attenuators

Voltage Variable Attenuators (VVA) from MACOM offer the ability to control the attenuation level relative to a voltage. Attenuation range is up to 30 dB covering frequency as high as 45 GHz. VVAs feature excellent return and insertion loss along with high IP3 in small SMT packages.

Part Number Description
MAAV-007092-000100 Voltage Variable Absorptive
MAAM-007987-000CG2 (non-RoHS) Voltage Controlled Module
MAAVSS0006 Voltage Variable Attenuator
MADP-007167-12250T PIN Diode Pi Quad
MAAT-010521-L2 Voltage Variable Attenuator, 5.8– 12 GHz
MAAV-007090-000100 Voltage Variable Absorptive
MA4VAT900-1277T PIN Diode Voltage Variable
MAAT-010521-H1 Voltage Variable Attenuator, 17.6 – 40 GHz
MA4VAT907-1061T PIN Diode Voltage Variable
MA4VAT2000-1277T PIN Diode Voltage Variable
MAAV-008022-000000 Voltage Variable Attenuator
SMG1 Voltage Controlled Module
CLG1 (non-RoHS) Thin-Film PIN Linearizer
G2 Voltage Controlled Module
MAAV-007941-000000 Voltage Variable Absorptive
G1 Voltage Controlled Module
MAAV-011013 Voltage Variable Attenuator 5 - 45 GHz
MA4P7455-1225T PIN Diode Pi Quad
MA4VAT2004-1061T PIN Diode Voltage Variable
MAAVSS0008 Voltage Variable Attenuator
SMG2 Voltage Controlled Module
MAAT-010521-L1 Voltage Variable Attenuator, 5.8– 16 GHz
MAAV-011014-DIE AlGaAs PIN Diode Voltage-Variable Attenuator Wideband, 80 - 100 GHz
G30 Voltage Controlled Module
CG30 (non-RoHS) Voltage Controlled Module
MAAV-007088-000100 Pin Diode Based Variable
LG1 Thin-Film PIN Linearizer
MAAVSS0001 Voltage Variable Absorptive
MAATCC0013 Voltage Variable Absorptive
MA4VAT904-1061T PIN Diode Voltage Variable
SMG40 Voltage Controlled Module
CG40 (non-RoHS) Voltage Controlled Module
G40 Voltage Controlled Module
MA4VAT2007-1061T PIN Diode Voltage Variable
SMG30 Voltage Controlled Module