Signal Conditioners

At MACOM we offer the industry’s largest portfolio of crosspoint switch devices with channel counts ranging from 2x2 all the way up to 288x288, and data rates from 3.2 Gbps to 28 Gbps. Our devices are equipped with signal conditioning technology that enables system designers to use lower cost board materials and components while increasing their system margin.

MACOM’s extensive portfolio of protocol agnostic crosspoints, we have a solution for switching high data rate signals in a variety of applications including video broadcast routers and switchers, HDMI switchers, and Datacenter physical layer switches just to name a few.

Part Number Description
MAXP-37161 16 Channel, 28 Gbps Crosspoint Switch & Signal Conditioners
M21451 6.5G 4x4 Crosspoint
M21462 6.25G 8x8 Crosspoint
M21463 6.25G 12x12 Crosspoint
M21351 4.25G 4x4 Crosspoint
M21450 6.5G 2x2 Crosspoint
M21453 6.5G 12x12 Crosspoint
M21030 6.5G Quad Cable Driver
M21352 4.25G 8x8 Crosspoint
M21105 3.2G 4x4 Crosspoint
M21452 6.5G 8x8 Crosspoint